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February 22, 2012
Steps For Improving Your Click-Through-Rate
By Josh McCoy
The last few years have brought upon us many changes in the world of SEO. You have probably worked to stay in line with the algorithmic curve, doing what you can do to lift rankings and with it Organic traffic referrals.

Standing back and remembering to be mindful of what to do when the rankings finally reach your accepting pinnacle can beneficial. What is a ranking that never gets clicked? Worthless. We know that Google wants to provide the best possible results to searchers. So, if they notice that your first page ranking has a CTR of .00001% they will likely assume your listing is not worthy of a first page ranking. We also know that Google is collecting CTR data for keywords and landing pages across their index. If you think they are collecting this data for no reason at all than to take up server space then you are sadly mistaken. As I have said countless times, Google gives us data because they are using it too.

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